Midwest Propane

Started in September 1999 on the belief that propane customers in Central Alberta deserved a better choice for their propane and related products.



The primary goals were to initiate digital, print, and social media campaigns ahead of the inventory arrival. This approach aimed to facilitate pre-sales of bulk mulch and decorative rocks; a crucial strategy given the hectic seasonal transition from winter propane tanks to spring/fall landscape supplies.

“It’s a phenomenal program, it drove business and helped us sell our products and services while we were able to focus on the seasonal yard change over from winter propane tanks to spring /fall landscape supplies”

Campaign Tactics Deployed

Our approach for Midwest Propane’s campaign involved a strategic blend of digital, print, and social media tactics to maximize reach and impact. The implementation of these tactics was crucial in achieving the campaign objectives and ensuring a successful outcome.

• Social Media Advertising
• Digital Display Ads (HTML 5)
• Newspaper Print Advertising
• Outstream Carousel

Campaign Results & Success

After three years of consistent implementation, Owen Porte (owner) remains confident that the Business Resilience Plan (BRP) is an integral and reliable program for his business, leading to repeated seasonal bookings. Owen, was particularly intrigued by the even split in the male-to-female ratio at 50%, with a notable concentration in the prime age category of 45-54 for the region. The click-through rate further underscored the success of the campaign.