Keeping the environment in mind and our communities informed

We not only recycle but reuse our newspapers, always maintaining a sustainably focused environment.

Black Press Media has the environment in mind when they publish the Community Newspapers that keep our local communities informed. We use a vegetable-based oil and all of our newspapers are consistently being recycled. Once our newspapers have been read from cover to cover, we encourage all of our readers to recycle.

All of our newspapers, magazines, cardboard and plastic wraps are recycled. They are repurposed at the paper mill where the new paper is cut to size. The paper then heads over to the printing presses where all the news from our local communities is printed and then we begin the cycle all over again, as we deliver our newspapers back out into the community. All of the metal plates that we use are also recycled. By sharing delivery vans with national titles; we keep out vehicle emissions as low as possible.

We’re always looking to adapt to new ways of keeping our environment safe and our communities happy.

Did you know?

The Black Press Media newspaper you read is created by recycled wood? Our dedication to the environment is longstanding, and ensuring we lead our industry in sustainability is a pledge we value deeply.