Caroline Dental Center

Dr. Michael Dolynchuk set up practice in 1995 in Red Deer. Since that date, Dr. Dolynchuk has built many dental practices in central Alberta and treated thousands of dental patients.


The focal point of the initiative revolved around a strategic Silver Business Resilience Plan (BRP) uniquely tailored to heighten awareness of Caroline Dental Center’s dental services and create buzz around the new office in Red Deer. The campaign aimed to capture the audience’s interest and stimulate greater engagement with the dental services offered. These tactics played a crucial role in accomplishing the primary campaign objective, emphasizing Caroline Dental Center’s commitment to providing a welcoming and convenient dental experience for potential patients, ultimately seeking to attract and serve a broader clientele.

Campaign Tactics Deployed

Through strategic planning and execution, our team facilitated newspaper print advertising, impress branded content creation, social media management, digital display ads (HTML5), and SEO optimization for Caroline Dental Center. These multi-faceted tactics were meticulously orchestrated to amplify brand visibility and engagement, effectively reaching target audiences across various platforms.

• Newspaper Print Advertising
• Impress Branded Content
• Social Media Advertising
• Social Media Management
• Digital Display Ads (HTML5)

Campaign Results & Success

The implementation of the Silver Business Resilience Plan has proven instrumental in not only strengthening the company’s operational stability but also in successfully launching their new office in Red Deer. Leveraging a strategic blend of social media, digital, and print tactics, the plan has effectively generated widespread awareness within the local communities. Through targeted social media campaigns, the business has engaged with a diverse audience, creating a buzz around the new office opening. Simultaneously, digital channels have enabled precise targeting and outreach, capturing the attention of potential patients. The inclusion of print tactics further reinforced the local presence, reaching audiences through traditional means. This holistic approach not only attracted new patients but also facilitated exposure within the community, solidifying the business’s position in Red Deer and laying a foundation for sustained growth.