Charcuterie on the Pier

Discover the triumphant success of the Charcuterie on the Pier event hosted by Sheila’s Catering at the picturesque White Rock Pier. This case study unfolds the strategic journey encompassing phases of awareness creation, sponsor recognition, and ticket sales, achieved through a diverse array of meticulously planned and executed campaign tactics.


Owner, Wes Levesque, and the organizing team sought to leverage Black Press Media’s expertise and tactics for the Charcuterie on the Pier event hosted by Sheila’s Catering at White Rock Pier. Their objectives encompassed three key phases tailored to maximize impact: firstly, to generate widespread awareness for the event; secondly, to highlight event sponsors and provide detailed information to potential attendees; and finally, to drive ticket sales with a specific target of 1,200 tickets. The collaboration involved deploying a comprehensive mix of organic and paid strategies across various platforms, including social media, digital channels, and print media. The phased approach, strategically ramping up closer to the event, aimed to achieve optimal results in meeting these goals.

“Black Press Media has been such an incredible partner to work with. They were so supportive all the way. We feel the ROI we received was just incredible. We would not have had a sell out like we did without them.”

Campaign Tactics Deployed

Sheila’s Catering harnessed Black Press Media’s diverse tactics to drive success for Charcuterie on the Pier. Deploying organic and paid strategies across social media, digital channels, and print media, the campaign achieved sell-out success with 1,200 attendees and exceptional ROI, marking a fruitful collaboration.

• Organic Social Media Posts and Videos
• Social Media Ads
• Contests
• TikTok (Organic and Sponsored)
• Impress Branded Content
• Newsletter Ads
• Pre-roll Video
• ROS Ads and Mobile Footer Ads
• Outstream Carousel and Video
• Newspaper Print Advertising (Full, Half, and 1/4 Page)
• Home-Page Takeover

Campaign Results & Success

The campaign achieved outstanding success, resulting in a sold-out event. Detailed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) highlight the effectiveness of each strategy deployed. The campaign not only met its ambitious ticket sales target but also demonstrated significant engagement and impact across various digital and traditional platforms. Statistics provide a comprehensive overview of the campaign’s performance and its ultimate success.