Jacqueline Tait Notary Public

It is Jacqueline’s goal to guide you smoothly through some of the more difficult and stressful transitions in life, such as the sale, purchase and/or mortgage of a home and estate/personal planning. In her 25 years in this field, she has seen everything that CAN go wrong. With this knowledge and experience Jacqueline can help ensure that you avoid these problems BEFORE they occur. If a challenge does arise, she’ll work with you to resolve it as quickly and painlessly as possible.



The objective is to enhance credibility within the community, elevate brand awareness, and establish a personal connection between Jacquline Tait and local residents. By focusing on these three key points, the goal is to build trust and authenticity, ensuring that the community not only recognizes the brand but also feels a personal connection with Jacquline Tait. This approach aims to strengthen the overall standing of Jacquline Tait Notary Public within the community, fostering a positive relationship that goes beyond mere brand recognition.

“I have continuously worked with Black Press Media. It’s been the one marketing strategy that I’ve stuck with throughout the 10 + years that I’ve been in business and I just couldn’t be happier with the relationship.” – Jacqueline Tait Notary Public 

Campaign Tactics Deployed

Jacqueline Tait Notary Public strategically utilized newspaper print ads and digital display advertising to enhance credibility, elevate brand awareness, and foster personal connections within the community. This integrated approach resulted in increased brand visibility, tangible engagement from local residents, and a notable boost in the community’s response to the services offered by Jacqueline Tait.

• Newspaper Print Advertising
• Digital Display Advertising (HTML5)
• Mobile Marketing

Campaign Results & Success

Jacquline Tait Notary Public has experienced significant positive outcomes through a strategic combination of print and digital advertising. The synergy between these tactics has not only increased brand visibility but has also translated into tangible results. A noteworthy development is the community’s enthusiastic response to the print ads, with individuals actively cutting them out and presenting them when seeking the services offered by Jacquline. The integrated approach to advertising has not only elevated brand recognition but has also generated a direct and favorable impact on the community’s engagement with the services provided by Jacquline Tait Notary Public.