Langley RibFest

The four Langley Rotary Clubs joined forces for their annual RibFest event The food fundraiser has grown since it started in 2018 with 20,000 people attending to nearly 40,000 people last year, and they come from throughout the Lower Mainland. The event is geared towards raising proceeds from RibFest support Service Organizations in Langley & and Rotary Service Projects.


Langley RibFest has set forth comprehensive objectives aimed at fostering community engagement and creating a memorable experience for all. Firstly, the initiative seeks to generate enthusiastic volunteers for the event, fostering a sense of community involvement and collaboration. Through strategic initiatives during the launch phase, the goal is to inspire individuals to actively participate in making Langley RibFest a success. Concurrently, the event organizers aim to boost overall awareness, ensuring that the community is well-informed about the festivities and the charitable causes supported by RibFest. Furthermore, Langley RibFest is committed to providing a diverse range of activities catering to families of all sizes and ages. The focus is on creating an inclusive and enjoyable environment, offering a variety of event activities that resonate with the diverse demographics present in the Langley community.

“It was a great experience. And having the personal relationships that developed through this really made a difference. So it made this more of a partnership versus a business transaction. “ – Langley RibFest

Campaign Tactics Deployed

Langley RibFest employed social media, digital display, and newspaper ads to drive community engagement and event awareness. These tactics aimed to recruit volunteers, boost event visibility, and offer diverse family activities, fostering a memorable and inclusive experience. This approach successfully supported charitable causes and created excitement for the event.

• Social Media Advertising

• Digital Display Ads

• Newspaper Print Advertising

Campaign Results & Success

Langley Ribfest achieved remarkable success through a multi-faceted approach that strategically leveraged various marketing tactics. Social media advertising played a pivotal role, fostering widespread community engagement and excitement. Additionally, a targeted digital advertising campaign amplified Langley Ribfest’s visibility, reaching potential attendees across the Black Press Media Network. The integration of print media further bolstered the event’s presence. The synergy of these tactics not only heightened awareness but also translated into increased attendance and more volunteers, making Langley Ribfest a resounding success and a celebrated culinary event in the region.