Rotary Club of Red Deer

The Rotary Club of Red Deer Sunrise was Chartered on March 27th, 1999. It is a group of local community & business leaders who share Rotary’s objective of service – in the community, in the workplace and around the globe who have been able to raise over $1 million dollars for both their local community and for international projects.


The Rotary of Red Deer partnered with Black Press Media to amplify their impact on the community by strategically leveraging the platform’s extensive reach and influence. The primary objective is to raise awareness and garner support for Red Deer charities, emphasizing the Rotary’s century-long commitment to service. Black Press Media’s broad audience provides a powerful means to disseminate the Rotary’s message, fostering community engagement and encouraging active participation in their charitable endeavors.

“We have been able to support our local communities through the support of the Red Deer Advocate and Black Press Media.“ Rotary Club of Red Deer

Campaign Tactics Deployed

Utilizing a combination of digital marketing ads and newspaper print advertising, the Rotary Club of Red Deer strategically amplified its message of service and community engagement. Through targeted campaigns and broad print distribution, the Rotary effectively raised awareness for its charitable endeavors and drove support for its initiatives, ensuring sustained impact in the Red Deer community.

• Digital Marketing Ads (HTML5)
• Newspaper Print Advertising   

Campaign Results & Success

The collaboration was able to boost awareness of the Rotary’s remarkable 100 years of service, celebrating their longstanding dedication to making a positive difference. Furthermore, the partnership was able to drive ticket sales for a fundraising event, ensuring sustained financial support for the Rotary’s initiatives and furthering their mission in Red Deer.