Sylvan Lake Chamber of Commerce

The Sylvan Lake Chamber has been serving their business community for more than 40 years. Their board is composed of volunteers working for the good of their local economy.
Through the association with the Alberta and Canadian Chambers of Commerce, members can access exclusive value added benefits – and participate in business mixers, ribbon cuttings, annual golf tournament, business awards, as well as enjoy preferred pricing on a number of marketing opportunities to promote their business such as the app.


The Sylvan Lake Chamber of Commerce embarked on a comprehensive campaign with the primary goal of raising awareness and driving increased downloads of the Explore Sylvan Lake App. This application was strategically positioned as a powerful tool to not only elevate the visibility of local businesses in Sylvan Lake but also to actively promote the benefits of business membership in the Chamber of Commerce. The dual objective aimed to foster community engagement and support local businesses through the digital platform.

“We were thrilled with our results. Our goal was to increase downloads and we were able to increase the downloads by 900% with using tactics like, social media, print ads and impress branded content.”

Campaign Tactics Deployed

Our approach for the Sylvan Lake Chamber of Commerce campaign was characterized by a thoughtful integration of diverse and complementary tactics, ensuring a multi-faceted and impactful outreach strategy.

• Social Media Advertising
• Digital Display Ads (HTML5)
• Impress Branded Content
• Newspaper Print Advertising
• Impress Branded Content

Campaign Results & Success

The campaign yielded promising results, particularly evident in the significant surge in daily downloads of the Explore Sylvan Lake App—registering an impressive 10 to 20 times per day. Key Performance Indicators, offering a tangible representation of the positive response garnered from the target audience. These outcomes not only underscore the success of the campaign but also highlight the increased engagement and support for local businesses facilitated by the Explore Sylvan Lake App and the Chamber of Commerce.