Theo's Greek Restaurant

Founded in 1976, with the vision to provide authentic Greek dishes served in a relaxing and beautiful setting. Forty years later, that promise continues and the vision expands to include collaborating with local food producers throughout the Okanagan Similkameen, an increasing list of award winning Okanagan wineries, and cultivating greens and vegetables from our garden in Naramata and from our new rooftop garden above our restaurant. They are here to celebrate food, to celebrate families and to champion the potential of our collective lives.


The primary objective was to elevate awareness surrounding Theo’s Greek Restaurant’s take-out services, enhancing visibility and driving customer engagement. The aim was to position Theo’s as the go-to choice for delicious take-out options.

“I noticed an immediate impact when we started the Business Resilience Plan program. I saw how successful it was and called my rep Tracey and said, ‘hey book me in for the next year.”

Campaign Tactics Deployed

The campaign centered around a targeted Silver Bulk Resale Program (BRP), meticulously crafted to elevate awareness of Theo’s Greek Restaurant’s take-out offerings. Through visually appealing promotions and discounts, the campaign aimed to captivate the audience’s attention and drive increased engagement with the take-out services. This singular tactic played a pivotal role in achieving the campaign’s primary objective and showcased Theo’s commitment to providing a delightful and convenient dining experience for its customers.

• Social Media Advertising
• Digital Display Ads (HTML5)
• Newspaper Print Advertising

Campaign Results & Success

The campaign yielded tangible results, with Theo’s experiencing a significant surge in take-out orders. Notably, the restaurant started receiving orders from previously untapped areas, demonstrating the broadened reach of the campaign. The Penticton Western News, adorned with Theo’s front-page banner, became a consistent presence throughout the community, showcasing the campaign’s success. Encouraged by the positive outcomes, Theo’s committed to a full-year partnership, solidifying the sustained impact and success of the Silver Business Resilience Plan campaign.