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Timemaster Jewellers is Abbotsford’s favorite jewellery store. Their everyday focus is on expert jewellery and watch repair services. They do things right for a fair price and they guarantee to you (the consumer) is simple; If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll do it again with no extra charges.


Timemaster Jewellers embarked on a strategic campaign spanning over two years with the primary objectives of increasing customer volume, boosting sales, and attracting new clientele. In a highly competitive market, the goal was to fortify Timemaster’s position, fostering sustained growth and expansion.

“I knew I could do what I needed to do on site with my team to make an impact, but I needed a partner to help me in marketing and advertising. And that was Black Press Media.”

Campaign Tactics Deployed

To achieve these objectives, we implemented a dynamic Gold Bulk Resale Program (BRP), initially launching in Abbotsford (Abby). The success of the Abbotsford campaign prompted the expansion of the BRP initiative into Maple Ridge (MCR), further amplifying the reach and impact of Timemaster’s marketing efforts. The Gold BRP was tailored to showcase Timemaster’s exquisite watches, jewelry, and skilled craftsmanship in repairs, creating a compelling narrative that resonated with the target audience.

• Social Media Advertising
• Outstream Carousel
• Digital Display Advertising (HTML5)
• Newspaper Print Advertising

Campaign Results & Success

The campaign not only met but consistently exceeded the set objectives. Timemaster Jewellers experienced a notable increase in customer volume, witnessed a substantial uptick in sales, and successfully attracted a stream of new customers. The Gold Business Resilience Plan emerged as a reliable and effective strategy, continuously delivering results that met the client’s expectations. Timemaster Jewellers remains delighted with the sustained success and positive outcomes generated through this strategic and well-executed marketing campaign.